Picture shows 60kVA generator with Deutz D60 BF4M2011C with automatic control and socket combination

D60T 60kVA Diesel Generator with Deutz diesel engine 1500 rev / min

Quality made in Germany!

MagnaGen generators are completely developed in Germany, manufactured and tested.

Our generator is very robust D60T executed (German industrial engine from Deutz, high strength sheet metal, powder coated frame), and as for use in mountain inns, agriculture, or even as an emergency power system (with optional automatic control), and much more. thought. The unit is equipped with a brand-synchronous generator (protection grade IP21) with electronic voltage regulation (AVR) and allows up to 3x I-nominal (rated).

Thus, for a permanent independence, away from the public grid, and a reliable power supply in case of power failure for granted.


German manufacturer!
German industrial engine from Deutz, no China Clone!

    Extremely robust and torsionally rigid tubular frame
Electronic control with motor protection functions and hourmeter
large tank for long run times
fully operational with battery and fluids (except fuel)
Extremely low maintenance costs and very good supply of spare parts
Linz synchronous generator (brushless) with electronic AVR control (+ / - 1%) makes up 3 times I call for difficult and challenging incipient consumer (eg fans, submersible pumps, welding equipment) and also allows operation of sensitive electronics
Degree of protection IP 21 (protected against dust and protection against access to hazardous parts with a wire and waterproof)
Remote monitoring is possible with optional GSM modem (SMS with error messages in plain text) and remote control with read access to all current data
Even with the optional 3-phase voltage regulation available for strong unbalanced loads (many 230 users)

Technical data:
Model D60T
Diesel Fuel
Frequency 50 Hz
Continuous power PRP 60kVA / 48kW (400V) or 20kVA / 16kW (230V)
Standby Power LTP 66kVA / 53kW (400V) or 23kVA / 18.5kW (230V)
Voltage 400V/230V
Rated Current 86A @ 400V or 28A at 230V
Linz 1500 rpm synchronous generator, with IP21 degree of protection and regulation of electronic AVR!

Deutz diesel engine BF4M2011C, oil-cooled condenser with about stem Intercooler (perfused by mech. Blower fan)
Starting System Electric starter with
Diesel Fuel
Running time approx 7h at 75% load
Consumption per hour approximately 13.5 l / h at 100% PRP performance
Tank capacity 90l
59kW at 1500rpm at 100m ü.N.N. and 25 ° C ambient temperature
Displacement 2912 cc
Oil-cooled four-cylinder
Turbocharged with intercooler (intercooler)

Linz PRO18L G / 4 60kVA synchronous generator (brushless)
1-phase measurement of electronic voltage regulator AVR
Very good Ersatzeilverfügbarkeit
with optional 3-phase voltage regulation, the use of many consumers 230V
Very well suited for sensitive loads, such as UPS systems, milking, milking machines and other electronic devices

electronic control with display of voltage, frequency currents (all 3 phases), active, reactive and apparent power
integrated hourmeter (important for maintenance)
Shipped with optional GSM modem and fault messages in plain text via SMS
Motor protection functions (over-temperature shutdown, low oil pressure, lower frequency)
Manual Start or Stop button on the control panel on

Construction and weights:

Construction: open unit on a base frame with integrated tank and drip tray
Weight approx 960 kg


Special Offer  Limited Time only


Price 60KVA: 11.900 €   including shipping to Port of Karachi


Ohter Sizes:

7990 20 KVA
8990 30 KVA
9990 40KVA
11990 60 KVA
15990 100 KVA
17990 130 KVA