Company: Schlotter Germany

Galvanotrommelautomat Schlotter,
The plant was used for copper plating, nickel plating and tin plating of small parts. (Electronic connectors, etc.), built in 1979, 13 units, drum dimensions ca: l = 300mm, d = 250mm - Gewebeperforierung approximately 0.2-0.5 mm, 2 pcs trolley on portal page, S5 with program control by PC Schlotter, 13 rectifier with oil 300A/10V, various filter pumps, titanium baskets and other accessories, baths in good condition rubber-lined steel, measures about light each 800x400x800mm per compartment, 3 gr trays with 4 stations, 2 double tub, 9 individual trays, 1 single pan stainless steel, , 1 pc loading unloading, equipment was in use until recently and is currently stored dismantled dry, further information on request.


Price:   27.900 €  from stock of Germany