General Informations about Trailers

Trailers in Europe are a common and cheap way to carry nearly any goods and cargo from one place to another.

Trailers are very cost-effective - they need no fuel and oil - you just need a car to pull in case of use. The car needs just an additional part for pulling trailers - this is universal.


Below you find some basic informations for the large possibilities of trailers and technical information.

If you need - you use

If you dont need - leave it at home.


Technical Specifications Böckmann Trailer
also in English
PDF-Dokument [5.4 MB]
User Manual Trailer Thule / Benderup
in English
Trailer User Manual.pdf
PDF-Dokument [314.9 KB]

The application possibilities of trailers are varied and nearly boundless.


Transport of
Stones, bricks, wood, Waste, furniture, machinery, building materials, motorcycles, cars, refrigerated items, any goods and stuff is easy, comfortable
and without any damage or dirt on your own car... the way - you can use the trailer as a perfect advertisement-attraction by placing your companys name, so everybody can remember you as a professional an perfect eqipped company with a progressive way to work while you delivery and transport the good through your area.

As you can see the varietys of trailer are multiple, also the size, load and qualityrange.


We can deliver inexpensive basic universal models as good as special equipment for your special needs.


You can even pull another broken car with a trailer from one place to te next


You can get it with hardcase to store your tools an material all the time. If you need to take it with you, just put the trailer on you car and go whereever you like...


You need to keep your freight cool? No problem with friged trailers...


We sell Trailers made in Germany an Europe and offer the solution for any need, quality and pricerange. 

Upgrade on your car


To pull a trailer, just two additions are required:
  • coupling
  • electric set

Thats it Both are available as both universal and specifically for your vehicle.



This the basic coupling to connect it to you car or vehicle.

The coupling must be firmly connected to the chassis.


Beside that there are many more options (also more expensive) to connect the coupling to you car.  (Removable by click for example)



This is the universal set to connect the plug of your trailer.

you connect it to the cables of






Thats it. By connecting the tralier per "plug & play" the trailer lights will give

the same singals als your car does.


If you have a trailer with own Brakes (usually Trailers with more than 750kg Load)

it will also break the trailer as you brake the car.

######### Available Offers ##########

Stema Trailer 750kg


year:               Brandnew

weight:            100 kg

load:                650 kg           (German standard)

max total:         750 kg           (German standard)


Lenght of load:  2.040 mm

Wide of load:     1.160 mm

Height:                300 mm  (open to the top)


including Basic Coupling & Electric Set as shown above


Boxtrailer Stema "Made in Germany"
Knott (german) axis, rubber-cushioned

Fully galvanized chassis with V-drawbar
metal fenders
Cargo floor made ​​of waterproof glued multi-layer plate
Removable rear tailgate

German & EU Papers

Garantuee for 6 months


Price:   499,00 €

Stema Trailer 750kg incl. SOFTTOP    


year:               Brandnew

weight:             110 kg

load:                640 kg           

max total:        750 kg


Lenght of load:   2.040 mm

Wide of load:    1.160 mm

Height of load:   1.020 mm  (inkl. removable softtop)


including Basig Coupling and Electric Set as shown above

Casetrailer Stema "Made in Germany"
Knott axis, rubber-cushioned

Fully galvanized chassis with V-drawbar
metal fenders
Cargo floor made ​​of waterproof glued multi-layer plate
Removable rear tailgate

Color of Softtop:   lightgrey     (put your company name on)

Price:   649,00 including softtop