Extrastock from a companys liquidation.

By pruchasing several machines we offer a cheap package for transportation costs as all the machines are in one place.

Most machines for metal processing, some might be for wood / plastic processing

Have a look - we are glad to answer your questions.


You see the following numbers of articels from 1-21 are same as pictures below.

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1 Circular saw blade grinder Band saw sharpening machine
Used grinding machine for saw blades / saw blades
Manufacturer: Vollmer Germany
Model: Junior B
Machine number: 4304
Circular saw blade: 150-750mm diameter
Band Saw Blade: 5-40mm wide
Chest and back ground
Complete manual available!
The machine works just fine.

Price 1599 € from Stock of Germany


2 pneumaticpunch
Punchesand diesare not included

Price: 649 € from Stock of Germany


3 Hacksaw Kasto BSM 253 saw, miter, scroll saw
Used hacksaw
Manufacturer: Hydraulic Hacksaw KASTO Germany
Type BSM 255
Sawing ø 255 mm
Blade length 400 mm
Vise opening width max. 265 mm
Saw blade speed 11 / 18 / 30 m / min. 3 steps
Bevels to 45 degrees
Motor power 1.5 kW
Power supply 380 volts, 50 Hz
- Bevels to 45 degrees above the swivel vise jaws
- Coolant system in the machine
Space L x W x H 1350 x 600 x 1000 mm
Weight 500 kg
For direkt use. Works good.

Price 2199 € from Stock of Germany


4 Chain Cutter

Rapid chain cutter chain mortiser with stand
Manufacturer: Rapid Germany
with sub-frame (cast iron)
On the shaft of the lever is missing

Price 799 € from stock of Germany


5 Plate Bending machine

Plate bending machine for manufacturing machine tabs
Production machine used for manufacturing of sheet metal tabs.
Manufacturer: Molt Germany
Model: KM305
The metal strip coming from the reel, we pulled into the machine,
then bent and cut the sodas produced in the images to be seen clip / staple.

Price 1699 € from Stock of Germany


6 Double Grinder
Manufacturer: General / Siemens   Germany
Power: 5.5 KW
The grindstone diameter is approximately 400mm
On the left is a 8mm thin grinding wheel is mounted on the right side of a grinding stone.
On the left guard is a 100mm suction connection.
Overall width: 108cm approx
Height approx 130cm
Note on the nameplate: Tropical Climate Proof  
The grinder is very quiet and powerful.

Price 649 € from Stock of Germany


7 large metal band saw
Manufacturer: Jaespa Germany
Model: MSU 4
For metal, wood, plastics and many more.
Technical data: roll diameter 420 mm
Projection 400 mm
Sawblade 3450 - 3650 mm
gr cutting height 450 mm
Table size 615 x 615 mm
Table swivel left / right
Table swivel front / rear
Drive motor 380 V, 1.5 kW

Price 3390 € from Stock of Germany


8 High-speed circular saw for wood, aluminum, plastic
The sawing angle can be adjusted.
It is as a basic unit
Saw Blade - Sharpener

Company Vollmer Germany , model CANA / E. Year: 1981
The unit was converted into a circular saw to saw for aluminum profiles at preset angles.
For the conversion of the circular saw blade holder, feed rods were ect. dismantled.
The attachments to grind blades are no longer there.
The machine is functional.
Supplied with: see pictures.

Price 1299 € from Stock of Germany


9 Double Column Eccentric Press 80to Lutex coupler / brake

double-sided eccentric 80to pressing force
The machine for processing of large chains of chain links used.
It was a Desch - Lutex rebuilt clutch and brake combination LKBZ 35th
She was also equipped with a PLC.
The combination of new technology with a solid "old machine" has proven to
She produced many years of trouble and reliable.
The tool includes built-in chain links with the delivery.
The machine worked perfectly up to storage.

Price 4490 € from Stock of Germany


10 Additional equipment used for cutting grooves on a lathe
This mill was a very long grooves milled in waves.
To this device was screwed to the support that made
​​the main spindle to idle and locked.
It was then passed to the longitudinal feed milling of the groove on the shaft.

Price 1599 € from Stock of Germany


11 Magnetic core drill / Magnetic Drill
German manufacturers: ALFRA     Model: 100 Rotamaster
Power: 1800 Watts
Drilling capacity in steel: with Bohrkone: 100mm   with twist drills: 32mm
Recording: MK3  
electronic speed control
Price 999 € from Stock of Germany


12 Tool grinder, manufacturer Haarmann Germany
This angle grinder is equipped with adjustable support tables.
The big wheel has a diameter of about 200mm, the cup disk approximately 120mm
The big wheel has a 40mm intake, at the cup wheel, the shaft is 20mm.
The cup wheel has a 30mm intake and was attached via an adapter.
The outside dimensions are: (L / W / H) 1m x 0,55 m x 1,3 m
Further data and information, please refer to the pictures.
The machine was until last week, still in production and was discharged because of business closure. Ready to work.

Price 849 € from Stock of Germany


13 hydraulic shears 380 volts.
hydraulic cutter nibbler cutting wire / flat
hydraulic shears 380 volts.
There were steel rods with cross section 16mm x 3mm cut it.
It can also slightly larger cross-sections are separated.
The machine runs perfectly and is ready to go.

Price 1599 € from Stock of Germany


14   brand new large Demag geared motor,   5 pieces !!!
5 pieces of gear motors DEMAG GERMANY
Model: 10dd DFV with DGV 30DD.
The units were in stock as compensation.
Were never used, so as new condition, but are "used" as sold,
because they have storage marks on the paint.
You get all 5! for that price

Price 2999 € from Stock of Germany


15 feeder Haulick - feed by eccentric, 250 mm x 3.5 mm
Manufacturer: Haulick - presses, Pforzheim GERMANY
Model: SL RS 250
Max strip width: 250mm
Feed length max 250mm
further information: see the picture
Delivery: all the parts that lie on this line with (Tandler bevel gear, ect.)
This module comes from the stock of a company resolution.

Price 2199 € from Stock of Germany


16 Plastic thermoforming machine
Manufacturer: Illig GERMANY
Model: UA 200 IDF
Year: 1973
- Mass clamping frame (folding frame) 1000 x 2000mm
- 940 x 1940mm Tiefziehflaeche
- Maxiale hiding depth 560mm
- Upper Temple
- 4 blowers
- Top and bottom heat
With three clamping frame: 1070 x 520mm, 920mm and 1800 x 780 x 740mm
Machine is working well.

Price 10999 € from Stock of Germany


17 Tool grinder

from DUCO / Scherrer & Co of Zurich SWITZERLAND
It is the model HSM 20-80
It is equipped with a segment grinding head (diameter 300mm).
Stroke: 100mm, strokes / min: 60, feed: 0.005 - 0.07 mm
This machine is certainly a useful addition to a surface grinder and a grinding machine.


18 Milling Machine Wanderer

Used milling machine Auto-feed rotary table milling machine xyz + Dividing

company:   Wanderers Germany
​​adjustment via setting wheel
Automatic feed in X, Y and Z
The table is horizontally rotatable

Table size: 1300 x 300mm
The dividing head and the abutment is one of them included.
Ready to go.

Price   1599 €   from Stock of Germany


19 Hydraulic Press 100to 140mm
Used hydraulic press unit
Company: Baumgarten, Germany
Stroke: approx 300mm
Height clearance: 420mm approx
Wide-bore: about 390mm
Piston rod diameter: 140mm
The delivery includes only the cylinder frame with (what is seen in the picture)
The hydraulic system has been installed elsewhere.
With the correct pressure is a pressing power of 100to (more) accessible.

Price   1899 € from Stock in Germany


20 Used high-speed circular saw for wood, aluminum, plastic
The sawing angle can be adjusted.
It is as a basic unit
Saw Blade - Sharpener Vollmer, Model CNE
The unit was converted into a circular saw to saw for aluminum profiles at preset angles.
For the conversion of the circular saw blade holder, feed rods were ect. dismantled.
The attachments to grind blades are no longer there.
The machine is working. Supplied with: see pictures.

Price: 1299 € from Stock in Germany


21 Used bending machine
Bar bending machine bending machine bending profile
With this machine, stainless steel profiles in the form of a bow was bent.
The formers can be easily converted for modified work.
The machine is reliable and powerful.

Price: 2999 € from Stock in Germany