PVC - Windows made in Germay - the multiple Player

We are pleased to introduce you to our highly modern PVC Windows.

Below you will get some basic information.

Windows made in Germany are made of Stealbelted PVC-Frame, filled with two oder optional three thermal glasses and special gas-filling for perfect thermal disconnection.

Some more benefit of your new window:

Thermal Insulation

Reduces energy costs

less energy requirements

keeps heat outside

homogeneous temperature distribution

minimized draughts

Burglar reprevention

Better protection for your house


Due to the high quality of the used profiles combined with steel reinforcements, windows and doors made in Germany provide a high security level for all inhabitants.

Cleaning and Maintenance

These Windows Systems are designed to close very tightly and save energy. So your new windows will be considerably better sealed than your old ones. The use and of double glazed units will prevent condensation under normal circumstances. 

Sound Insulation


Reduce the sound level for your well-being

Dust protection


Saves brushing time

Windows close thight and thus prevent the ingress of dust.

So you will safe a lot of time cleaning your hous

Technical Description of PVC-Windows Rehau Profile 60 Sample
PDF-Dokument [979.4 KB]
Overview of Rehau Windows Systems
PDF-Dokument [5.6 MB]