Complete Stock of Metal Machines
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Metal working machinery
Post goods consisting of:

- Lathe RASOMA,
Built in 1995, connected load of 5 kW, 230/400 V,
Operating pressure of 0.6 MPa, completely rebuilt,
Equipped with PLC control, pneumatic
Clamping device and automatic feed unit
automatic assembly and pneumatic control Schott,

- Punching device, EBV
betsehend of: 1 Mäder APK5LE pneumatic punch combo,
Pressure force 32 KN, Serien.Nr. 12 382, built in 2000,
in top box, with metal frame, with control

- Hydr. EBV punching device, built in 2001,
for punching holes

- Rotator EBV, built in 2001,
betsehend of: 2 chuck with pneumatic locking mechanism,
driven by electric motor, investment in housing
on metal frame, with control, 4 kW, 400 V, 0.8 MPa pressure

- Pneumatic punching device, EBV
Built in 2000, with two cylinders and clamping,
Drcuklufttechnik: Festo, investment in protective box
on metal frame, with control

- Cutter EBV
Built in 2001, with safety cab and chassis,
consisting of one electric motor, a chuck, a pneumatic cylinder

- Lathe WMW,
Built in 2001, retrofitted with pneumatic
Chuck Schunk, equipped with electrical control cabinet
Elke and Control 24, distance about 600 mm,
with safety enclosure, connection power 4 kW, operating voltage 400 V